Ballet Age 2 and up

Our Exam Ballet program students are trained with the methods of the Cecchetti syllabus. Dancers enrolling in the Ballet exam program will progress from Primary to Standard 1 and then will be placed either in the Standard exam program starting with Standard 2 to Standard 6 to Senior Certificate or placed in the Grade program starting with Grade 2 to Grade 6 to Advanced 1 & 2 exam classes. Placement will be decided by the Ballet instructors.

Our Creative Movement Ballet classes are for students 3-5 years old. The classes are geared towards learning ballet techniques in a fun way! Students will learn coordination skills through skipping & marching off to the magic castle. Musicality & counting as they sing and dance to fun songs! A creative introduction to ballet!

Pointe classes can begin at the Standard 6 & Grade 5 Exam level only if students are physically prepared to study pointe work.

Jazz Age 5 and up

Our Exam Jazz program students are trained with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA). We offer Jazz competition classes to! Jazz is an exciting up beat style of dance. Students will be taught jumps & turning techniques. During class student will work on cross the floor progressions and also center floor combination! Students will work on stretching and flexibility splits splits split!

Lyrical Age 8 and up
Using Jazz and Ballet techniques to perform a beautiful and graceful style of dance. Lyrical is usually choreographed to a slower piece of music. It is a very expressive style of dance that usually will tell a story and show lots of emotion though out.

Acrobatics Age 5 and up
Our Exam Acro program students are trained with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA) We offer exam grades 1-4 and the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Star. Acro students will learn everything from cartwheels and forward rolls to walking on your hands and chin stands. Students will work on back flexibility through back bends and leg flexibility through splits! Apparatus can be used for choreography, dancing with hoola hoops, exercise balls to Acrobatic boxes. Partner work will showcase lifts and poses!

Hip Hop Age 5 and up
Students will dance to the latest hip hopping popular music! From popping, locking and breaking students will train in all different styles. Techniques used in the latest hottest music videos!

Tap Ages 3 and up
Our Exam Tap program students are trained with The Association of International Dance Teachers (AIDT) and theCanadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA) Students will learn fancy foot work and creative combinations making a whole lot of noise through their tap shoes!

Stage Age 5 and up
Lip synching, singing, acting and dancing! Students will learn acting a character and using Jazz techniques to perform choreography. Many acting games and exercises will bring out the character in you!

Contemporary Age 13 and up
The latest craze for dance seen on many television shows! A dance fusion learning steps beyond the traditional dance moves created by each individual teacher’s creative mind!